Mega x23 Retro Sweet Hamper


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  • Perfect on any occasion for gifting and for sharing, or just a fun self treat.
  • 23 favourite RETRO varieties attractively presented in a brown kraft box.
  1. Candy Whistle
  2. Love Heart Candy Lipstick
  3. Factory Edible Paper Funny Money
  4. Love Hearts Double Dip
  5. Double Dip Original
  6. Sherbet Dip Dab
  7. Bubbly Bubblegum
  8. Wham Original Chew Bar
  9. Bubblegum Strip
  10. Vimto Chew Bar
  11. Refreshers Sour Apple Chew Bar
  12. Refresher Original Lemon Chew Bar
  13. Refresher Strawberry Chew Bar
  14. Rainbow Drops Mini
  15. Giant Love Heart Roll
  16. Giant Parma Violets Roll
  17. Mega Rainbow Dust Straw
  18. Fruit Salad Stick Pack
  19. BlackJack Stick Pack
  20. Drumstick Chew Bar
  21. Stinger Chew Bar
  22. Brain Licker
  23. Giant Fizzers Roll

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