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Fill up on the blast from the past with our Retro Jar filled with all classic retro sweets!

Want something newer.. Why not a pouch added on top of that!

Just choose the pouch and we will take care of the rest!

This will include:

X1 Retro Jar including x30 Retro Sweets

x1 1KG Pouch of Your Choice


Retro Sweet Jar Includes:

  • Flump = x1
  • Flying Saucers = x4
  • Candy Sticks = 50g
  • Candy Whistle = x1
  • Vimto Chew Bar  = x1
  • Sherbet Dip Dab = x1
  • Giant Fizzers Roll = x1
  • Stinger Chew Bar = x1
  • Double Dip Original = x1
  • Bubbly Bubblegum = x4
  • Rainbow Drops Mini = x1
  • Rainbow Dust Straw = x4
  • Drumstick Chew Bar = x1
  • BlackJack Stick Pack = x1
  • Giant Love Heart Roll = x1
  • Fruit Salad Stick Pack = x1
  • Love Hearts Double Dip = x1
  • Giant Parma Violets Roll = x1
  • Wham Original Chew Bar = x1
  • Love Heart Candy Lipstick = x1
  • Refresher Strawberry Chew Bar = x1
  • Refreshers Sour Apple Chew Bar = x1
  • Factory Edible Paper Funny Money = x1
  • Refresher Original Lemon Chew Bar = x1

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